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Chimney Cleaning and Inspection

Chimney Clean Melbourne

Chimney Cleaning and Inspection


To remove the need to access the chimney from your roof, our equipment is established within your house. Using a rotary chimney cleaner, the chimney column is brushed at around 3000 rpm to remove built up residue and creosote. All dislodged material and dust are contained by a high-powered vacuum cleaner at the base of the chimney, ensuring no impact on your internal rooms.


In addition, our floor coverings ensure that your lounger is left as we found it. Following a thorough chimney clean, it is encouraged that an inspection is undertaken – as cracking and defects are at their most visible.
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Once we finish our thorough chimney sweep, it becomes obvious if there are any minor or major structural issues with the chimney – inside and out. Where possible, we can capture imagery of these defects and provide them to you for your records or justification for an insurance claim. Please talk to us first about our ability to provide this form of chimney inspection.
Once we finish our fireplace cleaning, we can also look into the chimney from the base and ensure there is no cracking immediately above the fireplace. Where the chimney reduces in size from the fireplace width to the chimney width, there are sometimes minor cracks that occur due to slight flexing. In some cases, mortar sealing these connections is up to 100 years old, and is expected to decay and break out. Again, this will be obvious to us and our inspection from the base should be able to identify these issues. From there, we can break out degraded material and replace it with new mortar to ensure a complete seal.​
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​Once we get up on the roof, it will become obvious whether of not the chimney crown itself is in need of repair. The chimney crown is the top piece of every masonry chimney, and is set in place to prevent the inflow of water (and birds) from entering your chimney and causing issues. After years of exposure to the elements the chimney crown and / or mortar seal around it can degrade, allowing water to enter into the chimney column. This leads directly into the internals of your roof cavity – an area which is designed to stay dry and warm. Of course, there are also a lot of structural wood elements in the roof cavity holding the roof up, and once this wood gets wet and begins to rot, it can also begin to fail and accelerate the damage to your roof. In case, this can lead to partial roof collapse and large costs in repairs.
To repair the chimney crown and weather proof seals around the chimney, we break out all of the old material, clear the area, then re-apply new mortar to create a seal that will last for decades. If you wish, we can take before and after photos of the area to show you the work that we have done to help. Chimney crown repair and chimney cap replacement is a small cost now that may prevent large costs further down the track, so please ask about these services and an inspection of this.
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As the old adage goes, ‘Do it once, do it right’, and this is very true for chimney sweeping. Creosote is a rigid material that locks onto the slightly rough surface of bricks. And once a small amount locks on, it begins to build up and an exponential rate. As it build up, and you don’t have a chimney clean, the inside void in the chimney begins to narrow, and restricts airflow out of the fire. This reduces the ability of the fireplace to draw at through it as designed, leading to a less efficient fire that is more difficult to start and burns cooler. All along, capturing more smoke in the fireplace itself – of which can end up in you lounge. Obviously this is not what you want for you or your family, so that is why we highly recommend having a regular chimney sweep and fireplace service. If no work needs to be done, we’ll tell you that. We have been cleaning chimneys for years, and have seen it all. As you would expect, we get pretty busy around this time of year, so want to give you the best service for your requirements, then move on.
We work hard to give clean your chimney right back to near its original state. This means that the first layer of creosote takes a LOT longer to bind to the bricks, and slows down the overall amount of time until you start noticing a reduced performance in your fireplace. Regular upkeep will lead to a better-performing, safer fireplace in your house.
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We’ll come to you, so let us know when you aren’t planning to light up the fire and we’ll be in and out before you know it. Cleaning can take between 1.5 to 3 hours, so please consider this when booking.


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Once your chimney and fireplace are cleaned thoroughly, and all of the seals are working as they should, your fireplace will work much more efficiently – as it was originally designed. Couple that with good quality, dry wood, and you’ll be able to leave your fire on a low setting to burn throughout the night. It is good to give your fireplace a good rip roaring go everynow and then to ensure creosote doesn’t have the opportunity to build up. As soon as you notice decreased performance in your fireplace again, Chimney Clean Melbourne can shoot back and give the flue a quick clean.Buy good quality wood! It makes a huge difference!

As with anything, good quality products lead to good quality results, and the same certainly goes for wood. Dry, dense wood will burn hotter and longer than lightweight pine that is reasonably young. There is a lot of advice on which wood is ideal to burn, and we suggest doing your own research localised to your area – as there will be wood sourced locally that is perfect for you. Of course, this will mean that the wood costs a bit more outright.On average, and Australia house burns about 3 tonnes of wood per winter, which equates to about 2 and a half ‘cords’ (the measure of firewood). This is about 600 pieces of firewood per winter. A ute can fit approximately 80 pieces of firewood in the back, to give you an idea of the volume of this wood.

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