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As every job is different, and we do not expect you to be a chimney professional, please just give us a bell and we can sort out what you require. We can provide a no-obligation quote and go from there. As we are local in Melbourne, we can even visit your property and assess the job prior to providing a quotation. 


Chimney repair Fitzroy


We’ll come to you, so let us know when you aren’t planning to light up the fire and we’ll be in and out before you know it. Cleaning can take between 1.5 to 3 hours, so please consider this when booking.


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Once your chimney and fireplace are cleaned thoroughly, and all of the seals are working as they should, your fireplace will work much more efficiently – as it was originally designed. Couple that with good quality, dry wood, and you’ll be able to leave your fire on a low setting to burn throughout the night. It is good to give your fireplace a good rip roaring go everynow and then to ensure creosote doesn’t have the opportunity to build up. As soon as you notice decreased performance in your fireplace again, Chimney Clean Melbourne can shoot back and give the flue a quick clean.Buy good quality wood! It makes a huge difference!

As with anything, good quality products lead to good quality results, and the same certainly goes for wood. Dry, dense wood will burn hotter and longer than lightweight pine that is reasonably young. There is a lot of advice on which wood is ideal to burn, and we suggest doing your own research localised to your area – as there will be wood sourced locally that is perfect for you. Of course, this will mean that the wood costs a bit more outright.On average, and Australia house burns about 3 tonnes of wood per winter, which equates to about 2 and a half ‘cords’ (the measure of firewood). This is about 600 pieces of firewood per winter. A ute can fit approximately 80 pieces of firewood in the back, to give you an idea of the volume of this wood.

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