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Chimney cleaning experts servicing Melbourne city and all suburbs nearby. We provide a range of fireplace services including chimney repairs, flue sweeping, fireplace inspections and general maintenance. Easily forgotten, a regular chimney clean (flue clean), fireplace clean and inspection is very important heading into the winter season. Here to provide all of those services across Melbourne including St Kilda, Toorak, Richmond, Fitzroy, Brunswick, South Yarra, Carlton and Southbank amongst others.

“It aint pleasant!”

Cleaning a chminey is not the most pleasant of tasks at the best of times, so it is best left to the experts provided by Chimney Clean Melbourne. Using specialist equipment and a good amount of effort, this job is best left to the professionals. We take pride in the work we provide, and our future business depends on the reviews of our customers. Our staff are prompt, trustworthy and hardworking, and if you are not satisfied with the outcome, we’ll do our best to set things right.

    WHere there’s fire, there shouldn’t be smoke

    Aside from making your fireplace work a lot more efficiently, and prevent dangerous toxins from recirculating within your household, prevention of house fires is a primary reason why frequent chimney cleaning and fireplace maintenance is so important. Harm to life and property are frequently attributed to improperly functioning chimneys, all of which could be avoided with regular upkeep. As mentioned earlier, if it isn’t the house on fire that is causing you grief, it’ll likely be the silent toxin that is Carbon Monoxide. This odourless, lethal gas is prevented from escaping through the chimney by build-ups of creosote – commonly referred to as ‘soot’. These particles of carbon are typically released during combustion and float up through the chimney with the hot air, however can build up on the internals of your chimney and quickly narrow the channel. With a solid scrubbing, these deposits are dislodged and collected and removed from your house. All with a smile!

    well, when do we get it done?

    How frequently should you be cleaning your chimney and fireplace? This does depend on usage, however to ensure that the fire is performing at its best, cleaning every 6 months is advised. Maintaining a clean fireplace and chimney will:
    • Allow fireplace to run more efficiently (as exhaust can escape as designed)
    • Collect less flammable Creosote
    • Expose dangerous defects that may increase risk of fire (such as cracks etc.)
    • Improve the quality of air circulating within your home



    We’ll come to you, so let us know when you aren’t planning to light up the fire and we’ll be in and out before you know it. Cleaning can take between 1.5 to 3 hours, so please consider this when booking.

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