Chimney Cleaning and Inspection

To remove the need to access the chimney from your roof, our equipment is established within your house. Using a rotary chimney cleaner, the chimney column is brushed at around 3000 rpm to remove built up residue and creosote. All dislodged material and dust are contained by a high-powered vacuum cleaner at the base of the chimney, ensuring no impact on your internal rooms.

Once we finish our fireplace cleaning, we can also look into the chimney from the base and ensure there is no cracking immediately above the fireplace. Where the chimney reduces in size from the fireplace width to the chimney width, there are sometimes minor cracks that occur due to slight flexing. In some cases, mortar sealing these connections is up to 100 years old, and is expected to decay and break out. Again, this will be obvious to us and our inspection from the base should be able to identify these issues. From there, we can break out degraded material and replace it with new mortar to ensure a complete seal.​

Chimney Repair

Once moisture finds its way into the areas between bricks, it causes degradation of the mortar. Once mortar begins to break up / break out, it causses voids for more moisture to infiltrate, and accelerates the issues. In the worst of case, this spalling of the original mortar an lead to structural compromises of the chimney column itself. Nobody wants to have to worry about their chimney coming down in a string wind!
When we undertake a chimney repair, we ensure we break out all degraded mortar and replace with a fresh amount. This is called ‘tuck-pointing’, and is just like you’d expect – squeezing a toothpaste-like mortar in-between the bricks to seal it right back up . This will increase the life of the original masonry, increase the efficiency of the fireplace itself and reduce the likelihood of future major repairs.